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2013 Baseball Winter Meetings Presentation Summary


Here's a summary of discussions at my presentation at the Bob Freitas Business Seminar and Workshop Series at the Baseball Winter Meetings in Orlando in December. We covered some of the bases on the topic, "Things You Can Do Now to Save Problems Later: Off-Season Record Reviews That Will Keep You Out of Trouble."

We started the discussions with provisions of ballpark leases and liability insurance that might benefit from off-season attention, and went on to personnel matters, issues with mascots and more:

  • Ballpark leases. Review the expiration date, any window for rent reopener, insurance requirements, parking arrangements and distinctions between capital expenditures and maintenance.

  • Liability insurance. Important items to assess include the scope of coverage, limits and allowing the insurance carrier to review any waiver and other forms.

  • Personnel matters. Employment agreements for individuals should be examined. Also, we discussed the importance of the review of the employment manual and the various items listed in the outline.

  • Collective bargaining agreements. If the team has a union agreement, it is important to review its terms, especially the pension situation. Many defined-benefit pension plans are currently in trouble financially, so the team should evaluate the soundness of the pension.

  • Ballpark liability in general. Attendees had questions including the mascot with the hotdog gun; the mascot distracting the patrons; and injury to a person outside the ballpark or damage to a passing vehicle struck by a ball flying out of the park.

  • Workers compensation. Another issue was whether audits might be a way to save money in regard to defending workers compensation claims.

Also of interest were warning signs in the ballpark, back-of-ticket language, the extended liability of an extended screen, railing height warnings and the script for the public announcer.

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